Our quality of life depends on the infrastructure: speed, environmental purity and safety. We have designed more than 10 years important and complex infrastructure objects in Estonia such as E263 Tallinn-Tartu-Võru-Luhamaa road, important sections in E20 Tallinn-Narva roads, Tallinn and Tartu roundabouts, Tallinn airport infrastructure extensions and several water and wastewater objects all over Estonia.

We employ a team of engineers who design with passion different water and wastewater infrastructure, bridges, tunnels, road, streets, airports and carry out the supervision works. We have good relationships with Nordic engineers and we use their know-how also in our projects.


In infrastructure design we use AutoCAD Civil 3D and NovaPoint software. Model-based design speeds up workflow and it ensures the coherence between the drawings.


Our goal is to provide solutions which are innovative and suitable for the surrounding environment regardless of the size of the structure. We use the most modern software solutions.


We offer the following services: Industrial Water and Wastewater; Water and Wastewater Infrastructure; Water and Wastewater Process and Treatment; Water Supply etc.


We offer surveys in the field of environment and transportation. The contents of the surveys are broad and varied and depend greatly on the customers’ needs: traffic studies, road safety audits, etc.


We provide all necessary assistance and qualified employees to our clients for performing supervision of road works and the construction of water supply and sewage.