About us

When going to the doctor, we hope and believe that we trust ourselves in the hands of professionals. Our clients have the same expectations for engineers and consultants. We are trusted and the best results are expected. This is a justified expectation without “buts”.

Skepast&Puhkim OÜ is a leading Estonian consulting company in the field of infrastructure, spatial planning and environment. We offer professional and high quality services to our customers. We are good employer and we know that true values are born in co-operation! Our team has a total of 35 professional experts.

We have been operating in the Estonian market for 10 years. Skepast&Puhkim OÜ has grown out of the company Ramboll Eesti AS which was established in Estonia in 2006 as an affiliate of a large international consultant Ramboll Group.

Owners of the company Peeter Skepast and Hendrik Puhkim have a long term experience in the field and they are actively involved in the company’s daily work.

Peeter Skepast

Peeter Skepast (MSc, MBA) has graduated Road Engineering in Tallinn University of Technology specialty in 1994, and Business Management and Organizational Development in EBS in 2006.

Work experience:
2015- Skepast&Puhkim OÜ, Member of the Board
2012-2015 Ramboll Eesti AS, CEO
2006-2011 Ramboll Eesti AS, Manager
2000-2006 Estonian Road Administration, Deputy Director – management of the departments dealing with construction, design, ordering and verification
1994-2000 The Ministry of Transport and Communications

In addition to the company’s management, Peeter is a visiting lecturer in EBS.

Peeter Skepast

Peeter Skepast allkiri

Hendrik Puhkim

Hendrik Puhkim (MSc) has graduated Geography in the University of Tartu in 2002 and in the University of Joseph Fourier in France in 2006.

Work experience:
2015- Skepast&Puhkim OÜ, Board Member
2012-2015 Ramboll Eesti AS, Deputy Director
2006-2011 Ramboll Eesti AS, Head of Environmental Department
2001-2006 Estonian Road Administration, Senior Specialist in the Planning Department

In addition to the company’s management, Hendrik participates actively in environmental projects, is the founder and board member of Environmental Impact assessors’ Union and holds a license of Environmental Impact Assessment.

Hendrik Puhkim

Hendrik Puhkim allkiri