Our quality of life depends on the infrastructure: speed, environmental purity and safety.

We have designed for more than ten years already complicated objects of infrastructure all over Estonia that are vital for Estonia.

We employ a team of engineers, who design and monitor with passion water and wastewater treatment facilities, bridges, tunnels, roads, streets and airports. We have good relationships with engineers of Nordic countries and we use their know-how also in our projects.


Almost every our project is related to environment and has either bigger or smaller impact on it. Our goal is to ensure sustainable development and to find the best possible solutions.

We have successfully conducted more than 40 environmental impact assessments and environmental impact preliminary assessments, carried out more than 150 environmental surveys and consultations and participated in several international co-operation projects.

Our team includes environmental specialists with years of work experience.

Spatial planning

Spatial planning provides for people’s right of activity in the area used on a daily basis and for developments taking place in there. The goal of each spatial planning is to find the best solution balancing trends and needs of different fields. We advise our clients throughout the entire planning procedure starting from the consultation before the initiation of plan until the establishment of the plan. We have experience in drawing up of detailed, comprehensive, county and thematic plans.

Our employees have an occupational qualification level 7 in environment spatial planning.

Skepast & Puhkim OÜ

When going to the doctor, we believe and hope that we entrust ourselves to professionals. Our clients have the same expectations with respect to engineers and consultants. We are trusted and the best results are expected. This is a justified expectation that we do satisfy without any “buts”.

Skepast&Puhkim OÜ is a leading Estonian consulting company in the field of infrastructure, spatial planning and environment. We offer professional and high quality services to our customers. We are a good employer and we know that true values are born in co-operation! There are over 40 professional experts in our team.

We have been operating for 15 years in the Estonian market. Skepast&Puhkim OÜ has emerged from the company Ramboll Eesti AS, which had been established in Estonia in 2006 as an affiliate of the large international consulting company Ramboll Group.

Owners of the company Peeter Skepast and Hendrik Puhkim have a long-term experience in the field, and they are actively involved in the company’s daily work.