Privacy policy

The privacy policy governs the processing of personal data and the use of cookies on the Skepast & Puhkim OÜ website (hereinafter ‘the website’).


  • The processing of personal data is any activity performed with the personal data of the website user (hereinafter ‘the user’) – the collection, processing, storage, rectification or deletion of data.
  • Visitors refers to all individuals who visit the website or provide Skepast & Puhkim OÜ with their information. For example, this could be by asking for a quote or contacting Skepast & Puhkim OÜ by e-mail.
  • Services are all services provided by Skepast & Puhkim OÜ.

Processing of personal data

By using the website, the visitor gives their consent to the processing of his/her data in accordance with this privacy policy. Skepast & Puhkim OÜ collects the following personal data of visitors through the website in the following ways:

  • Visitor’s e-mail address: when a visitor sends an e-mail or requests a quote
  • visitor’s name, phone number and e-mail address: when requesting information or requesting a quote from a visitor;
  • website traffic statistics: via Google Analytics.

By accessing and/or submitting personal information to Skepast & Puhkim OÜ, you are acknowledging and agreeing that your personal information may be processed in accordance with this privacy policy. If you do not agree to this privacy policy, Skepast & Puhkim OÜ advises you not to use the website and not to provide Skepast & Puhkim OÜ with your personal information.

Use of personal data

Skepast & Puhkim OÜ uses personal data to respond to inquiries made by visitors and to make offers, communicate with visitors and send invoices. Skepast & Puhkim OÜ uses website traffic statistics to improve the user experience of the website and to improve marketing efficiency. The visitor shall have the right at any time to prohibit the processing of their personal data, except when necessary for the provision of the service.

Handing over Personal Data to other recipients

The third party is a contractual partner of Skepast & Puhkim OÜ who processes personal data and through whose product or service Skepast & Puhkim OÜ provides its visitors with products and services. Skepast & Puhkim OÜ uses third parties for its daily operations that provide the following:

  • e-mail transmission and management system;
  • website hosting;
  • analysis of website usage statistics;
  • use of social media and analysis of social media statistics;
  • use of accounting software.

In addition to the third parties mentioned in the previous section, Skepast & Puhkim OÜ transfers the personal data of the visitor to its cooperation partners. This is only to the extent required to provide the service to the visitor.

The Skepast & Puhkim OÜ website may contain links to websites of other companies that have their own privacy policies and/or third party services installed on your device which may allow access to the information on your device. Skepast & Puhkim OÜ recommends that you read the privacy policies of these third parties carefully. Skepast & Puhkim OÜ is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of these third party service providers.

Retention and security of personal data

Skepast & Puhkim OÜ will retain personal data for as long as it is legally required and/or relevant for the purpose for which it is collected. For example, accounting records are kept for 7 (seven) years from the end of the financial year. Skepast & Puhkim OÜ takes all reasonable steps to protect the personal data it manages. Only authorised persons shall have access to the amendment and processing of personal data and that the personal data of all website visitors shall be treated as confidential.

Visitor rights

The visitor is entitled at any time to:

  • request access to their own data;
  • request the correction, amendment or deletion of personal data under the conditions provided by law;
  • request the restriction of the nature of personal data processing;
  • request the transfer of the personal data;

In order to exercise their rights, the visitor must send the relevant request to To restrict the use of cookies, the visitor can set the preferences in their browser settings. If the visitor finds that their rights have been violated when processing personal data, they have the right to turn to the Data Protection Inspectorate.


The website of Skepast & Puhkim OÜ uses cookies to ensure a better user experience and more effective marketing and also to collect usage statistics. By visiting the Skepast & Puhkim OÜ website, the user agrees to the use of cookies as described in this policy.

A cookie is a small text file that the browser automatically saves on a visitor’s device. Cookies may be created by different service providers, such as Google. Cookies are not harmful to your computer.

There are two types of cookies:

  • Persistent cookies that persist in a cookie file on a visitor’s computer. They may be used, for example, to identify the visitor as a repeat visitor to a web page and to customise the content of the web page according to the visitor’s previous choices or to collect statistical data.
  • Session cookies are temporary and disappear when a visitor leaves the site or exits their browser. Session cookies may be used to enable certain features of the website, such as requesting a service, etc.

Cookies are used to collect information about how the website is used to make it more personal and user-friendly for the visitor. In addition, cookies help to collect visitor statistics, which allows us to measure and improve the performance of a website and provide the baseline for efficient marketing activities.

A visitor is considered to have accepted cookies if their browser settings allow cookies. Web browsers often allow cookies to be stored on your device by default. The visitor may disable or delete cookies on their device by changing the relevant browser settings. If you do not use cookies, the website may not work properly. For instructions on deleting and setting cookies in your web browser, see here: Google Chrome, Internet Explorer.

Skepast & Puhkim OÜ uses Google Analytics to collect data on the pages visited, visit time, number of visits, devices used, entry channels and other statistics in order to collect usage statistics. Google Analytics may still collect data about user activity without the use of cookies. In order to disable Google Analytics to use the data, the user can install a Google Analytics blocking application on their device. Google Analytics Opt-out Add-on.

Changing the privacy policy

Skepast & Puhkim OÜ reserves the right to change the privacy policy unilaterally and without advance notice in order to ensure their compliance with the law. The privacy policy is always available in its latest form on the website. Please contact us at for any privacy and data processing questions.