Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), Preliminary Assessment

Environmental Impact Assessment is our strength, especially the proposition of alternative solutions and their systematic evaluation. During the EIA process we closely co-operate with the designer or the client. Interests of the developer and the public may sometimes be contrastive during Environmental Impact Assessment. In this case, our goal is to ensure a constructive dialogue in order to find the best possible solution.

We have long-term experience in performing Environmental Impact Assessments. Our team includes 3 experts holding the EIA licence.

Natura Assessment

Assessment of the likely impact to areas of Natura 2000 network that would be concurrent with the proposed action or implementation of a strategic planning document. Natura 2000 is the Europe-wide network of areas with high nature value. The main objective of the network is to maintain or when needed to restore favourable condition of pan-European endangered species and habitats.

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EIA for construction of additional gas pipelines for Nord Stream 2.
EIA for Kohtla-Järve IV limestone open mine.
Balticconnector environmental consultation and compilation of EIA programme.
EIA of the offshore wind park planned to the sea of Northwest Estonia.
EIA of the development plan of air traffic area of Tallinn Airport.
EIA of the preliminary project for reconstruction of Sindi hydrosystem.
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