Special Plans

As of the 1st of July 2015, a state special plan is prepared when establishing of a structure with such a significant spatial impact, the selection of location or functioning of which attracts great national or international interest. The state special plan is prepared primarily for expressing interests that transcend the boundaries of individual counties in the fields of national defence and security, energy supply, gas transportation, waste management and mineral extraction or for expressing the above-named interests in public waters and in the economic zone.

The municipality special plan is prepared when establishing construction with significant spatial impact (e.g. wind park, harbour, etc.). Preparation of special plan commences with pre-selection of location, then detailed solution is prepared, on the basis of which design criteria can be issued.

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State special plan and SEA for central training ground of the Defence Forces
Municipality special plan and SEA for Auvere wind park.

Contractors: Vaivara Rural Municipality, Roheline Elekter AS, Vaivara Wind AS.

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