Infrastructure surveys

We offer surveys in the field of environment and transportation. The contents of the surveys are broad and varied and depend greatly on the customer’s needs – traffic studies, road safety audits, profitability studies, noise studies.

We offer surveys in the field of environment and transportation. Infrastructure surveys are essentially varied and depend largely on the customer’s needs.

Principally, we have performed studies related to road construction and planning, such as traffic studies, road safety audits, profitability studies and noise studies. Also, we have compiled instruction materials and requirements for construction and inspection of construction works.

We have also carried out research on the material and feasibility studies to identify the impact of various new technologies, restrictions or solutions, and to utilize them.

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Handbook of geosynthetics.

MTÜ Asfaldiliit

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Research: Alternatives of dust control methods on gravel roads.
Study on the supply reliability of natural building materials for the objects of Estonian Road Administration.
Designing of concrete roads and its profitability study.

Concrete roads – designing of concrete pavement applicable to conditions of Estonia and its cost-benefit analysis.

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Research "Monitoring of test sections gritted with various binder together with feasibility calculations".
Cost estimation of strengthening national roads and bridges.

Cost estimation of strengthening 52-tons national roads and bridges and valuation of economic feasibility according to 52-tons cargo year-round movement possibility.

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